WIIFM? (What's In It For Me?)

Over the past couple months, I finally got bold enough to tell a few trusted compadres that I would be starting a business-lifestyle blog.  My ultra-supportive (yet ultra-practical) fiancé immediately peppered me with, well, practical questions: Who's your target audience? What's the objective? etc. Fair enough.  I had already ruminated on these questions without drawing final conclusions. But he had a point. At work,  I would never-ever launch a new product or feature without having crystal clear answers to these basic questions. Marketing 101, right?

Image by bethalee

Image by bethalee

And then my brilliant, smarty-pants cousin sent me info on Affinity Spaces.  Lightbulb! I learned that blogs like the ones I wanted to create are shared spaces for exchanging ideas. A target market defined by age, gender, or work industry is limiting and unnecessary. So if we think of this space as an online community for people around the world to exchange ideas about getting more out of work while feeling like themselves, now we're in business (get it?).

For any of you who haven't spent time as a salesperson or marketeer, What's In It For Me? means to ask: "What should you expect to see here?  How can this help you?" Jules du Travail will be a catalyst to help you reflect differently on your work and life experiences, in order to act differently and see different results.  I'll share personal stories, experiences, and academic lessons that have shaped my professional persona and problem-solving abilities, as well as helpful tips that I've learned through trial and error. I will be out-of-the-box, and you'll see that things that previously had nothing to do with work, now have some direct relevance. We'll cover everything from "How can I get an international work assignment?" to "How changing my diet changed the way I work."

One important thing I know for sure is that we're all still a work in progress. For as much as I have to share, there is even more that I still have to learn. Please accept my invitation to read and participate. I look forward to reading your comments, questions, and advice. Thank you! 

Posted on October 20, 2015 and filed under Personal.