Happy International Women's Day!

To me, there is nothing more important than female support. Throughout my life, I've created circles of friends and colleagues who believe the same. Even though I can be competitive (mostly with myself, I swear!), I fiercely believe that winners love to see others win.

Last year, I had some awful experiences with other females who, we'll just say... operate from a different set of principles. This was a new life experience for me, and my heart broke in many ways, in many pieces.

Maybe my error was assuming positive intent (I'm still struggling with this: is positive intent a do or a don't?). Regardless, my 2016 experiences revealed something important: supporting other females is not just how I act; it's one of my core values.

While I won't be striking today, I wanted to support my fellow (s)heroes, by sharing three incredible things happening by, about, and for women:


After coming across Career Contessa, a fantastic career community for women, I am honored to count myself among their panel of mentors. They provide in-depth interviews, tools and templates, and education that is always clear, concise, and actionable.


Chase bank has a blog, writing a lot these days about how we're acquiring, spending, and treating our money differently in the 21st century. They recently cited how women are becoming the CFO of their households... interesting! But with my critical eye, here's the challenge: the "CFO" responsibilities that they describe are more Accountant than CFO. How do we keep progressing this so that women have real decision-making authority over their household's assets, investments, etc? (My EMBA final project is on this very topic)!


I've recently been fascinated by Girls Who Code, a non-profit whose mission is "to close the gender gap in technology." Their approach to education of young girls seems so dynamic and is all across the US.


And lastly, just a fun quote for those men who are reading and thinking, "What about me!?"

"'It's not like men have empowerment groups,' she says.

As she says this, I'm thinking, 'Of course they do! What do you call Monday Night Football? They fill stadiums with men cheering for men. Men loving men. Men paying lots of money to play with a little ball. It's a glorified love fest, with major sponsors and beer bongs.'"

- Jill A Davis, Girls' Poker Night


image from Tarafirma