Signing Off for Vacances (& a petite announcement)


While in London and Paris, I learned that one of the best stereotypes about Europeans is true: they take vacation. It varies from country to country, but in England one would take a two week holiday sometime in August - maybe two weeks away, or a week away and a week staycation. And in France, bye bye, August... see you in September!  


I just love this. Firstly, because I love vacation. (Fun fact: I have never carried over vacation days in my career. No "I don't have time for vacation" humble brags over here). And secondly, can you think of a better way to start the school year in September, than having taken time away from the computer and la vie quotidienne to refresh yourself?


With many personal and professional changes right now, my vacances will be a Nashville staycation, clearing the path for even more changes arriving in the next six months (please wish me luck)!


Speaking of "clearing the path," I've been thinking a LOT about social media the past month. How much of it is self-serving v. adding value to others v. fun v. an addiction. (For me, much of it is falling into the addiction category right now). This reflection has led me to a decision:

Effective September 7th, I'm going to shut down the Jules du Travail Facebook page.


Here's the reason: it's another social media channel. I promote the blog by Instagram, two Facebook FB pages, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and email. If you're thinking, "Um, that's kind of a lot of, well... you," I agree. It is mis-aligned with some of my core personal and business philosophies.


Ugh, but everyone's doing it! And just this morning, Facebook was trying to tempt me out of my decision. I received my weekly page stats and was floored by the number of people who are exposed to these posts. But when I park the emotion and get more data-driven, I'm able to clearly see the kicker.


There's a big difference between exposure and engagement. When I look at the site's analytics, I see that less than 4% of readers come to the site through its Facebook page. Places where I expose the site in more targeted, intentional ways make more sense for me and you. (Please don't be mad, Sheryl. I still love you with all my heart).


It comes down to this: I want to ensure that my marketing tactics all have clear intention beyond self-promotion. I hope that this action is one of several that will help me stay more focused and better at benefiting others. And frankly, I hope that others with digital businesses take a more mindful look at their social media strategies too.


If FB is the main way that you stay updated on new blog posts, please consider signing up below to receive email updates (a maximum of 2x a week, always containing thought leadership) so that you can see when new posts are live.


As always, I thank you for your support - in this small change - and the larger changes on the horizon.

Have a sunny and refreshing August, and I will see you back here on September 7th!


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Posted on July 31, 2017 and filed under Personal.