Dressing for Work, 3 Ways

Fall 2017

Even though some people dread it, I enjoy choosing my outfit for the day. In my prior job in a conservative industry, putting together a crisp outfit that made me feel good about myself was one of the few ways to channel my creativity in the office. So fashion meant a lot to me.

Besides the fact that these posts are fun to create, here's why the Dressing 3 Ways series is important for you: what you wear makes a statement about you professionally. Before you shake someone's hand, open your mouth, or share your credentials, how you're pulled together (or not) tells a story of your personal brand. It tells that new boss or prospect client not what you'll accomplish but how you'll accomplish it.

For example, if you were to wear one of the following outfits this fall, you'd subconsciously communicate to others that not only are you on top of things, but you are ahead of the puck. In multiple areas of your life, you anticipate where the market is going and you're one of the first ones there. Simply because you know that according to the Pantone Color Institute, Tawny Port is the color trending for fall 2017...