Dressing for Work, 3 Ways

Summer 2017

I love a good design challenge. Last year, I heard someone say, "Constraint breeds creativity," and it rang so true for me. Even though we (especially Americans) think that more always = better, when you put a box around your millions of choices, I believe that you're able to go deeper and create new ideas.

After the Dressing 3 Ways - Backpack Edition came out a few months ago, my good friend Emily reported back, "I want to see outfits for lesbians: Pantsuits! Flannel! Overalls!" This whole series was her idea in the first place, so I kiiiiiiiind of have an obligation to do whatever she commands of me. (Don't get an ideas that are too wild, Emily).

I loved the idea posed by this constraint: get out of my own head and incorporate someone else's taste in the work wardrobe. Considering I allot my husband exactly 5% of decorating space in our home, I don't incorporate others' tastes easily :) 

While I didn't follow Emily's directions exactly (no pantsuits nor flannel here - it's summer!), I did incorporate my observations of how her style has evolved - looser pants, no dresses, flat shoes, and minimal jewelry - mixed with a dash of my own taste. A couple years ago, one British colleague got too drunk and too in-my-face and declared, "Look at your outfit, Julie! Those boots! That bracelet! You're a bit of a tomboy, aren't you?"

Perhaps this challenge isn't too far afield for me, afterall...


I'm nervous to ask... how did I do?


If you have other "constraints" you'd like to see worked into the Fall edition of Dressing 3 Ways, please share them below!


Posted on July 20, 2017 and filed under Tips & Tools.