The Perfect Backpack: an Update

One post that's generated a lot of follow-up conversation has been my internal conflict about carrying a backpack to work.

My colleague Nick weighed in, saying "Face it; our bodies are getting older. Just do it."

Some of my girlfriends are still on the style v. functionality fence.

And just last week, my aunt told me that fashionable backpacks in NYC are all the rage, almost entirely replacing purses.

So, I wanted to tell you: just before I left London, I found the backpack. I'm so glad that I held out! It's thin and sleek but big enough for a laptop and the miscellaneous stuff that one lugs to work; it has plenty of organization - it even has an anti-RFID pocket to prevent swiping information from your debit cards; and the straps can be tucked in to convert it to a stylish tote when you arrive at your destination. It's been my airport companion, and I've been using it to run all over Boston; I'm in love!

The sad news is that this particular model by British brand Knomo is currently sold out (let me know if you find it somewhere), but here are some similar options:

Has anyone else been a backpack convert since we first discussed in September?


Posted on May 3, 2017 and filed under Tips & Tools.