Checking in on 2017


The second Friday in February is dubbed the "Fatty Solstice." According to Foursquare, it's the day that we're most likely to counteract our New Year's resolutions by running to the nearest McDonald's. 

Whether your 2017 goals revolved around health, work, or resolving to have no resolutions, there's a chance that perhaps week 5 of 2017 isn't as bright and shiny as you pictured it, back in the hopeful days of early January (or is it just me?). 

However, as a friend sternly reminded me yesterday, "There is a LOT of time left in 2017." After her tough love session, I was looking for inspiration in a Tim Ferriss interview of Adam Robinson. Adam is a friend of Warren Buffet, an adviser to global hedge funds, and chess master. For someone who's driven by numbers, logic, and interconnection of information, he stands out among the Sheldon Coopers of the world. As much as he quests for data, he looks for magical moments in life, as well as opportunities to listen to his unconsciousness.

His closing words of the interview surprised me but were just what I needed to hear to get back to work...


"I'm excited for the world because this is a fulcrum moment...
This is a fulcrum year.  
Now is the time to press hard... I'm really excited about 2017.
For myself and for the world."


Photo from Her New Tribe

Posted on February 10, 2017 and filed under Quotable.