A Little Personal Update

I never ever, ever, everrrrrrrrrrr thought I'd say this, but...


I've been missing the U.K. 

Don't get me wrong; life in Nashville is good. Oh man, it's so good!

But like every other human, the change in seasons makes me nostalgic. In my case, the nostalgia is always a longing for wherever I was the year prior.  And last year, I was in London. And although I have only marginally nice things to say about the city :) November in London was a magical month of transitions. It was the only time of year where the soggy, chilly weather seemed to be just right. Mid-month we'd throw an American Thanksgiving, where friends of all nationalities would join us (we were able to give some friends their first Thanksgiving - how cool is that!?). Then by the end of the month, Christmas would be in full-swing, Love Actually-style. 

So it is selfishly perfect timing that two wonderful friends are getting married in Liverpool this weekend (hi, Sharon and Lee!). This is giving us a great excuse to visit some cities that I never saw when living in the U.K., so combine my friends with new cities and my longing for soggy leaves, and I am quite excited. 

So please excuse the short post this week. And also, please forgive the little email snafu last Friday; it was a technical glitch. Okay, okay. User error is possible, but let's say technical glitch :) The article about organization was released for real on Monday, so check it out.

Regularly-scheduled content will be back next week before we break for Thanksgiving. I hope that you too are soaking up the leaves and change of season this November. Take in the heartiness and warmth of the season, and enjoy!


Photo by the Londoner

Posted on November 9, 2017 and filed under Personal.