Back to School... Cool?

I have forever been a fan of the one strap shoulder bag. From a young age, I always thought that it was so adult looking, and I was always eager to be older than my age. 

Since I was very sophisticated from a young age (ha!), it's a secret but probably no surprise that as an actual adult, I've secretly fashion-judged my peers who would tote their goods between home and the office with... a backpack.

But now I sheepishly admit that it's time to ask myself: should I join them?

I've been a subway-walking commuter for the past 10 years and now walk a round-trip 3 mile commute to the office daily. I refuse to join a lament that many share, "We're getting old!?" (I am getting older. But not old). 

However, regardless of age, it's important to take care of your body through small, everyday habits. And I can tell you that all these years of walking slightly lopsided with a shoulder bag is leaving my spine feeling crunched and my posture semi-permanently slouched. Sitting at a desk all day certainly doesn't help either. 

So, with too much narcissistic hesitation, I'm wondering: is it time to consider a backpack?


I think this Smith style from State Bags is pretty polished for hipsters and grown-ups alike. What's even better: for each one sold, they hand-deliver a bag with essential goodies to an American child in need.


Please weigh in! Do you use a back pack? Are you self-conscious about it, or am I completely narcissistic? Has it made a difference in your body?


PS: Going back to school and Getting organized for the new year

Posted on September 12, 2016 and filed under Tips & Tools.