Marketing that Caught My Attention

First, let me say: I am no marketing sucker. Being a student of it has made me keenly observant its effects all around me in every shape and form. Therefore, most of the time I turn on my blinders and go about things the old fashioned way: asking (IRL!) for recommendations, as I know that even an innocent, seemingly objective editorial can be a paid placement.

In my studies many years ago, I remember hearing the "creepy" marketing of the future. One day, companies would know where you were and when, then magically beam offers to your phone (think: coupons for your favorite foods when you walk into the grocery store). The people I was with were horrified.  

Fast forward 10 years. It's July 2016. I'm in Paris for an intense immersion in Corporate Finance, Information Systems, and Business Environment, surrounded by 60 high-performing people, nearly 24 hours a day for 8 days. I'd just read a blog post about taking alone time and was daydreaming: "What would alone time be like...?" 

And then, a magical thing happened in my Instagram feed. The hip, affordable, boutique hotel chain citizenM alerted me that they were hosting free sleepovers in the new location near my office back in London. All I had to do was sign up; and in return, they simply asked that I spread the good news via hashtags. Done.

And in fact, I did have a great time during my evening seule. The hotel is gorgeous. At just over 100GBP in the middle of the city, it's a fantastic deal.  I got to choose which view I wanted during my automated, no-line check-in (the Tower, please). The staff is super friendly. Rooftop bar for guests only. Free movies. And everything in the room is centrally controlled by an iPad. The place oozes cool. I authentically enjoyed my one night stay but am most impressed by their modern, creative take on a classic marketing idea.


I'm looking forward to checking out more of their locations throughout Europe and now, NYC!

Has anyone else stayed at a citizenM? Let me know what you think!


Top photo and video from kesselskramer. The others? well, you can probably tell: my iPhone :)

Posted on August 1, 2016 and filed under Global Views.