3 Gifts for Your Colleagues



Last year, I passed along some advice I'd read for when it's appropriate to buy your colleagues gifts.


But this year I'm going off-script and not buying any colleagues gifts. Maybe if I'm really inspired, I'll throw in a thank you note here and there, but note to colleague-friends: I may just not pull it off this year. There's more to the story though; hear me out: 


During 2016 I bought colleagues little gifts throughout the year, when they'd gone out of their way to help me, or I knew they they were overworked and exhausted. I enjoyed the randomness and surprise effect of it, and the follow-up thank you call or email was a great excuse for an extra connection that we may have not otherwise had. 


So, here are 3 gifts that I've given colleagues this year, and they were a hit - if I do say so myself :)

And if you're looking for more extensive ideas for your co-workers, check out these lists from Career Contessa and apt. 34.


PS - gorgeous image from All the Beautiful Things


Posted on December 12, 2016 and filed under Tips & Tools.