Dressing for Work, 3 Ways

Winter 2016

As we speak, I am with my friend Emily, whom you may remember. You should know that she recently left her full-time gig at the Prospector to join her family's Jeep and Chrysler business as its Business Development Manager. She'll be a 3rd generation and first female(!!) owner. And don't worry, she still volunteers at the Prospector. 

At the Prospector everyone wore a uniform of black on black with a dash of pink. So to help with her transition, she tasked me with a creative assignment: help her find clothes to transition into this shiny, new world that we fondly refer to as... business casual. 

Since my dream life includes having an unlimited wardrobe allowance (sorry Dave), I thought it'd be fun to start a seasonal series that profiles clothing ideas from a few perspectives: the Freelancer, the Dealmaker, and the Man. We aim to be inclusive around here, after all.

I'm curious to know what you think. Other perspectives / professions / price ranges for the future?



PS - How to organize your closet for a hassle-free morning