A Business Lesson from Wayne Gretsky

Last week, I visited the U.S. to conduct some market research with our business partners. During one lunch meeting, a long-time broker and business partner replied to a question: "We're not seeing the kind of business that you're asking about." I responded, "But you will start to see these changes..." I proceeded to share facts about portfolio changes that are beginning to happen among her prospect client base.

My former boss and long-time role model was sitting across the table from me and started smiling to herself, as I explained the changes that our industry should be anticipating and ready to serve. As the grin on her face got wider, the pit in my stomach grew. I panicked and had thoughts (you know the ones) whirling in my head: "What stupid thing did I say? Why is she laughing at me?!" 

After I finished reciting my impressive facts :) I asked her to tell me. She recited the above quote, which she'd heard on NPR earlier in the day. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.

When I hear: "Playing where the puck is going to be" I think of an insatiable desire for more, better, stronger- that is constantly demanding: "What's next?" I think about my iPhone (because Steve Jobs loved this quote). I think about being an entrepreneur and a visionary, whether it's for your company, your family, or yourself.


What ideas does this quote provoke for you?


Image courtesy of vistaprint

Posted on December 10, 2015 and filed under Quotable.