After being a corporate warrior for 11 years, I’m breaking off my hardened New York, Boston, and London layers to bring my creative core to work quotidien

I believe in bold beginnings, choosing your own adventure in life, and once in a while: removing the constants in life to clear space for the new.

After building a business in London while earning my Executive MBA from a top school in Paris, my husband and I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to create a brand new shiny life. So far, it’s full of intention, possibility, and Oreo ice cream. 

I get my energy from yoga, a mediocre running career, and sunshine. All of these help me see business problems and solutions from creative perspectives. I love helping others (but especially women!) in their careers and business obstacles through one-on-one mentoring



Nothing energizes me more than building community, so that’s what Jules du Travail is: a community for professional advice, where we marry creativity with business.

Work is different things to different people, but one thing is constant: most of us spend a lot of time doing it. Whether we’re earning a paycheck or going to classes to figure out how we’re going to earn a paycheck, it's a major part of our lives. So why wouldn’t we be the best versions of our whole selves, bringing all that we are and our varied experiences along with us? This will undoubtedly yield the most productivity for us and our bosses.

So Dear Friends (old and new), thank you for participating in this shared space. What we have in common is an affinity for being our best work-selves in a way that is truly individual to each of us, incorporating all the versions of ourselves.


This blog commits to sharing personal work “jewels" that will help you succeed at work- not the soap-boxy, prescriptive ones, but the lessons you learn along the way by trial and (public!) error.



Carolyn Sohmer is a "devil's in the details" digital media expert, work enthusiast, and lifetime cousin. Carolyn knows firsthand the vast rewards and hands-on learning that comes from diving in, making leadership decisions, and valuing communication. Never without a side project (or ten), Carolyn is a professional dabbler in user experience design, entrepreneurship, public relations, branding, information technologies, and web development. The feel, content, perfect grammar, and confidence to start this blog would not be possible without her.

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